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Texas Isaiah in the New York Times

Sources of Self-Regard
Self-Portraits From Black Photographers Reflecting on America

With an essay by Deborah Willis
June 19, 2020

Texas Isaiah
Los Angeles

“To be in front of the camera, nude and sitting with my partner, Tre’vell, is overwhelmingly beautiful — and a bit frightening. You might think I would be fully clothed in these images, considering my concerns, but no. I dive intensely into my self-portraits. Every session is an awakening, a time to reflect, hold responsibility and experience the same nerves most people feel when they sit in a session with me.”

“Tre’vell feels much more exhilarated when they see a camera, perhaps because they are a Leo and more grounded in being photographed. I weave in and out of this ceremonious gathering, between my lens and body. Visual narrators need to reckon with their images as well. As laborious as it may seem, we should do so more often.”