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This is an image of an artwork by John Outterbridge made circa 1978 to 1982 titled "Tribal Piece, Ethnic Heritage Series".

John Outterbridge, Tribal Piece, Ethnic Heritage Series, c. 1978-82

The Art of Assemblage
November 20, 2021 - February 13, 2022

NSU Art Museum
Fort Lauderdale, Florida

This exhibition features sculptures composed of found objects and that are distinguished by the unlikely combinations of repurposed materials that constitute their form.

In the practice of assemblage, materials such as scrap metal, broken shells, tattered fabrics and discarded toys are salvaged and brought together in unexpected combinations, creating poetic abstractions of everyday life. 

This exhibition is drawn primarily form the Museum's collection and includes recent acquisitions to the Museum's permanent colelction by artists John Outterbridge, Vanessa German, Pablo Cano, and a collaborative work by Jorge Pardo and Jason Rhoades. It also includes works by Christian Holstad, Ernesto Neto and Jessica Stockholder, and significant artworks from the Museum's collections of African and CoBrA art. This exhibition is curated by Ariella Wolens, Bryant-Taylor Curator, NSU Art Museum.